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Alex Tuhut

Age: 38 years
Languages: ro Romanian (native speaker)

Voice tone: Baritone
Audio clip —
from $149
A4 text —
from $149
Availability: One day
Official voice of television of radio:
Radio Guerrilla Bucharest.
Offical voice of a brand:
LeroyMerlin(Construction Shop), Arsis (Mobile Shop), Provident (Credit Bank), Gazeta Sporturilor (Newspaper).
Cooperation with brands:
Auchan, Zapp Mobile, Arsis, Volvo, Coca-Cola, Titan, Asirom, Pagini Aurii, Academia Catavencu, Money Express, Business Standard, Cotidianul, Gazeta Sporturilor(GSP), What Car, Direct AeroTaxi, Voodoo Films, Diverta, Radio Guerrilla, Honda, BOSH, Auto-Class(Mercedes-Benz), Radio Rfm, Ro-Rec, Vulping.ro, Corega, Amigo, Mcdonald’s, Orange – SummerWell 2012, Volvo Trucks, Allianz, Lyoness Romania, Husqvarna, Leroy Merlin, Scania, Provident, Adeplast, Igrastop, Unicredit Tiriac, Forbs Romania, PayPoint Romania, Asociatia React, Dictie.ro, Bere Bucegi, Emag.ro, Viti-Pomicola Simburesti (cabernet sauvignon), WorldVision Romania, Oriflame, SmartBill Cloud, Hotel Sarroglia, Dapoxetina.

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