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Ian Champion

Age: 50 years
Languages: gb English (native speaker)
Dialect: British

Voice tone: Baritone
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Offical voice of a brand:
Philips, HSBC, Ricon, International Harvester Documentary Series, Kozel Beer Case Studies and other.
2012 Maj Kevin Nasypany, 9/11: VOICES FROM THE AIR, (National Geographic Channel) 2011 Fergus, EMMERDALE, ITV, Tony Prescott 2009 Consultant, FIVE DAYS 2, BBC, Peter Hoar 2008 John Berris, EMMERDALE, Yorkshire Television, Tracey Rooney 2008 Journalist 1, SURVIVORS, BBC, John Alexander 2008 Bloke (Perfect Dad-public info film) SPOOKS:CODE 9 BBC3 Kudos, Brendan Maher 2006 DCI Smith, THE ROYAL, Yorkshire Television, Ian Bevitt 2006 Henry Gordon, EMMERDALE (4 eps) ITV, Brian Morgan/Mark McKillop 2006 Gavin, SORTED, BBC Television, Mark Jobst 2006 Policeman, SINCHRONICITY, BBC3 - Shine Productions, Brian Grant 2006 Bank Manager, CORONATION STREET, Granada, Rob Rohrer 2005 TV Journalist SEE NO EVIL: THE MOORS MURDERS Granada Christopher Menaul
2003 Mr Deighton, EMMERDALE, ITV Henry Foster 2002 Mr Philips, AT HOME WITH THE BRAITHWAITES (2 episodes) ITV Roger Goldby 2002 Dr Chamberlain, HOLLYOAKS, Mersey Television, Alister Hallum 2002 Maitre D', COLD FEET, Granada Television, Simon Delaney 2000 John Eames, HEARTBEAT, ITV Gerry Mill 1998 Ross Beecham, BROOKSIDE, Mersey Television, Judith Dine 1998 Piers Brunswick, EMMERDALE, ITV Paul Walker

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