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Mami Kimura

Age: About 40 Year
Languages: jp Japanese (native speaker)

Voice tone: Mezzosoprano , Alto
Audio clip —
from $325
A4 text —
from $325
from $261
Availability: More than one day
"Poisonberry", "The Zanctuary", "Among Jones", "Membaership Revoked", "Hotel Harbor View (Accolade award)".
"Speed Racer: The Next Generation", "Harry, the Bunny", Alice in Wonderland", "Jungla BOOk", "Lassie: the Painted Hill", "Robin Hood", "Wizard of O and Friends"

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I've ordered the voice of a famous voice-talent. The work was done quickly and efficiently. The voice pace, tempo and the timbre were all exactly as in the task. Alexander Konoplin

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