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We offer a wide range of services for the production of audio spots, radio commercials and dubbing videos. Your can get your job done within four simple steps:

  1. Choose a voice-talent
  2. Choose the service type: creating audio spot, voicing videos, voicing commercial spots, voicing jingles etc.
  3. Upload the script
  4. Click "Order" 


COMING SOON! Only here you will be able to choose a voice-talent, pay and download a finished audio using online account, We appreciate your time.

Turnarounds of production of radio spots depend on its genre (informational, for games, vocal and musical). As a rule, the creation of an audio spot, out of a ready script, takes about a day. Production of informational commercial requires less time and it can take a few hours. Turnarounds of Production of musical - vocal audio spots and jingles are evaluated on an individual basis.

Please listen to our samples:

Informational audio spot

Game audio spot

Musical audio spot


Steps of creating commercial spot:

Creating a radio spot requires many steps of production,  Every radio spot should pass some porduction steps. Briefly, the process looks like this:

definition the timekeeping of the audio clip> create / select the script> Voice-talent selection from our database of Russian or foreign voice-talents> Recording on professional equipment> processing audio track> Clients' confirmation & acceptance.

Defining the length of an audio clip

The Radio advertising is recognized as one of the most effective advertising methods, in general it's in the second place after TV advertising (among mass media). Radio advertising is perfect for advertising the national and regional goods and services. 
However, to make effective promotional radio spot should choose the right timekeeping.

Commonly used timekeeping from 10 to 30 seconds. To calculate the length of an audio clip, you can use our online timekeeping calculator. Enter the text and select the reading speed. Keep in minde, that with fast reading you can deliver more words, but you are risking the qualitative submission of your advertising message. We recommend choosing a fast-paced read for informational purposes: terms and conditions of the action, or the name of the organizer of the campaign. Our program will help you calculate the approximate timekeeping for your planned commercial.

Script writing

A creative script is the first step tward the success of radio advertising. We can develop a script on basis of the brief you provide, or we can use an already writen script for the production of radio commercials. Production turnaround for radio commercials script takes 1 to 3 business days depending on the genre, complexity, style and the additional requirements of the Customer. 
Developing the concept of the script begins with an analysis of the product or service, as well as the form infomercial (fiction, vocal, informative). When it comes to infomercials, the script should clearly answer the question: what is advertised, as well as where the consumer can obtain the product or service, and what unique possibilities can the product provide to the consumer. All this is formulated in a concise form suitable for listening for 30 seconds. This is followed by choosing the right voice and the suitable music.

Choosing a voice-talent

For choosing a voice-talent you can use our voices base or ask for the help of our experts to provide you with a list of recommended voices, indicating the cost of each of them. It is believed that the actors' voice should coincides with the maximum "voice" of the targeted audience. For example, if you are advertising a shaving cream, it is wise to choose a confident man's voice of our voices base.


Order video scoring with us:

  • Choose a voice-talent; 
  • Choose type of services: voiceing video
  • Upload the script of the video (if available);
  • Click "Order" to complete your order.


NEW! Only here you will be able to choose a voice, pay order download the finished video through your online account! We appreciate your time.

Production turnaround depends on the type of video. This may be video commercial, YouTube promo video, video presentation, corporate video, demo, animation or other multimedia objects.


Steps of voicing vedio commercials

Typically the production process is as follows: Definition the timekeeping of audio tracks for video > creating / selecting scenario for video > Voice-talent selection from our Russian of foreign voices base > Sound recording for video on professional equipments > processing audio track > acceptance of the finished promotional video by Client.

Dubbing foreign vedios

We offer translation services and voicing from / to foreign languages, including the top European and Asian languages. In addition to localization service, which gives the new voice on video sounds natural and original.

Selecting voice-talent for voiceing video

To select a voice you can use our voices base. Pay attention to the tone and rhythm of the voice-talent. Voice must fit the character in the video. If the original voice is young, the voice should be young and energetic. When it comes to the localization of foreign video and voicing video with translation, it is preferable to choose a voice as close to the rhythm of speech to the character in the film, in which the voice-talent can adopte the beat to mimic the actor.