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Answering machines with voice greeting


Do you want to order a voice menu for answering machine, ATC or call-center? Select a voice, and then click "Order." 

COMING SOON! Only here you will be able to choose a voice, pay for your order and download a ready voice message for answering machine via your online account ! Save time with us!

Are you look for a sample text for answering machine? Download templates of voice greetings for office answering machine, please fill out the sample with information about your company, and then proceed with the order. The cost depends on the selected voice-talent. Production turnaround - a few days.

Answering mashines


Voice recording for answering machines:

  • Voice recording for answering machines for mini ATC
  • Voice menu for banks and mobile operators
  • Voice messages for answering machines
  • Producing voice menu for call-centers 
  • Sound alerts for public transport 
  • Producing audio files for auto-and audio systems.


"Your call is very important for us" - is an indicator of your companys' level of service

No one likes waiting for a long time to get through the call-center. But even fewer customers want to understand the confusing answering machine menu and listen to a symphony concert until the operator answers the call. Fill waiting hook is useful for clients content and improve customer experience from calling you. Voice greeting, uttered a pleasant male or female voice and decorated individually selected music tracks, reliable voice menu that reveals all the possibilities for self-study or advertises more options available to the client - this one, the result of which can give the effective use of an answering machine, ATC, or call 'center combined with the expertise of professional voices and sound engineers. Order a voice greeting and the result will exceed all your expectations. We will help you to generate the correct script that will be easily perseived and provide easy navigation through the voice menus of your ATC. Together we will the tembre of the voice that will be associated with your company clients. We can offer a variety of music for voice recording on the answering machine. Only a harmonious blend of voices, the sound and image composes a soundtrack ATC, IVR system or call-center your company will give the customer the right mood.

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We placed an order on a TV-commercial sonification with a famous ("federal") voice. The final price, the quality of work and the immediacy match each other and after all we are very pleased with your job. Thank you! Alex Ozerov

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