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1. What are the key stages of work?

Our work process is as follows: you have a task that needs to be voiced,

- Choose from our voices base a voice-talent you think he/she is the most suitable for your requirements, or ask us to do this, 
- Send us a letter, in which : the script (text) , technical guide (all comments on all the nuances of sound as detailed as possible), specify the voice-talent name/names; 
- After calculating cost and time; our sales representitive will contact you to make sure we have received all required information and to know the most appropriate way of payment for you (advanced payment -100%) 
- You pay in any convenient way, notity about payment by E-mail, then we start processing your order 
- Your finished order will be sent by E-mail.

If you want to develop a script or record audio spot, you will be asked to fill in a brief, which is designed to simplify and expedite the process of formation of your order. Any order you can also post via our online form.

2. What are the order turnaround?  

If it's possible technically to deliver the order right now, it will be done right now.  Time turnaround depends, firstly, on the availability of the voice-talent, and secondly, - the complexity of implementation. If it's not that complicated, and the voice talent is available, it is likely, we can deliver your order within few hours. In general, most of the orders are deliverd within 2 working days, and these terms already include time for completion. In other words, if your order is not dubbing a feature film , then in 1-2 days, for sure, you'll find your audio spot or voicemail greeting in your E-mail inbox. If we are talking only about the voice recording without any other works, in most cases, the task will be performed already during the day or the next morning. But there is a catch, National voice-talents go to the microphone a little longer due to the fact that they are popular actors, and they are filming, touring and doing rehearsals. Anyway, we are doing great job with us, so we can manage, most of the time.