Тут будет видео
  • Voice-talent vacancy

    We have more than 500 professional speakers in our database, master upon the whole more than 40 languages. Every day we receive orders for the production of speakers for recording audio clips, voiceing,  answering machines and similar works. Join us and we provide you with a job!

  • Translator vacancy

    Sometimes we are approached by customers who need to translate video from Arabic into French. Or vice versa. And we have so much work on translating from Russian to European languages​​! We are happy to review your resume of translator from any language to any.

  • Script writer

    You're a playwright or a script-writer? We want you!
    We need writers that can create high-quality fiction advertisements. We have plenty of orders, so anyone will be employed. We will fain review your resume and an example of your job, and if we are satisfied with your style, we will certainly cooperate.