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Voicing presentations


Voicing corporate films and presentations - is an effective way to demonstrate the professional level of your company. Order promotional videos voiceover, business presentations, YouTube videos, demo videos, promotional videos in foreign languages now! we voice video films and presentations - a high-quality advertising service and production in maximum fast turnarounds. 

Coming Soon! Only here you will be able to choose a voice-talent, pay order and ready to download a video clip via our online office! Save your time with us! Select the voice-talent from our voices database. Prepare the script and click "Place Order". Your application will be processed by our experts and you will get a presentation ready in three days.


Qualitative promotional video scoring

Perfect video series is not all that is needed to produce professional promotional video for your product, service or company. The second important element is properly selected voice. We offer a full range of services for corporate video dubbing. Choose from more than 200 voice-talents, including foreign voice-talents, as well as good music and sound effects. For recording we use professional equipments, which guarantee high quality of the final material. 

Voicing business films

Voicing business films of any type: YouTube video, videos, videography, multimedia, flash, animation, etc. We can create a perfect soundtrack for your video. Order voicing a business film by a professional voice-talent here and the result will exceed all your expectations.

Foreign films dubbing

Foreign films dubbing  - this is not a buzzword from the world of cinema art. Offscreen voice of foreign video by a Russian voice-talent, professional and modern translation, and most importantly how to find the tembre and articulation in time with the video - it's the service that we are proud of. Learn more about the translation of the text with the voice acting for advertising and promo video, as well as the selection of musical accompaniment here.

Translting and voicing presentations

It's generally agree that a good competent speech transmits the high status of the company. If you work with foreign partners, you will certainly be interested in services as localization and translation. Order translating and voicing video advertising with our foreign voice-talents. We guarantee a modern human-readable translation, competent modern speech, appropriate speech turns and high quality performance. Please refer to our foreign voices catalog. Choose any language: English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.

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I've ordered the voice of a famous voice-talent. The work was done quickly and efficiently. The voice pace, tempo and the timbre were all exactly as in the task. Alexander Konoplin

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